Group of smiling business people over people group background.

In Talis Engineering Inc. we believe in human capabilities and, strongly believe that, traditional environments and methods of work, not only does not use the human capabilities to the highest extent but cause a lot of waste of manpower energy and expertise.

We believe in professionalism and while appreciate and do our best to meet client requirements, we strive to find innovative ways of executing our projects to maintain the required standards and quality of work, while reducing the cost and schedule of executing projects for our clients.

We believe that working for a salary is a disgrace to our professional mentality. We are educated to provide a service to human beings while honoring the environment and, what we receive as a compensation, is not even close to the value we add to our societies.

We strongly believe in fairness in the work environment and value the productivity and innovation.

You should consider joining us if;

  • You are not looking for a 9am to 5pm job
  • You believe that your income should depend on your productivity and not based on hours worked
  • You are capable of finding innovative approaches in solving problems on day to day work
  • Your work is your passion and you are pride of what you do
  • You are ready to take your destiny in your hand
  • You pursue challenges
  • You like to be a part of a winning team
  • You feel ownership and are accountable for what you deliver